This course will provide students with foundational public relations skills and opportunities to put these skills to use in real world scenarios. Over the course of the term, we will explore what a communications function is within an organization, how it operates, and why it is critically important to the function of a business, nonprofit, or organization. In addition, we’ll explore why each student selected this course. I see no reason to force content or experiences that won’t help students gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of communication to help prepare for a career after you graduate.

In place of long lectures and copious textbook readings, this course will focus on practical application of contemporary communication concepts. We’ll read cool stuff…HBR articles, press releases, blogs, customer reviews. Then we’ll debate it in class.  We’ll pick topics that are relevant and we’ll keep our eye on emerging trends in the space. Want to know what it’s like in a board room today? Good – we’ll cover it. Interested in how macro trends influence the way that corporations communicate? Consider it on the docket. Always wondered how people have the courage to face a seasoned media interviewer? Welcome to Communications 225!

Come ready to participate. We’ll learn through experience, debate, and in-class practice.