Introduction to contemporary health issues in the light of New Church teachings. The course includes nutrition, mental health, stress, body image, sexual health, sexual violence, environmental health and substance use and abuse. This course fulfills one credit of the two PE credits required for a Baccalaureate degree. Non-repeatable. 1 Credit.

This course focuses on making reasoned choices to support spiritual, moral, emotional, cognitive and physical health, so you can have happy useful lives in this world and the next. In addition to studying secular health material, we will consider questions like the following: How do we honor and respect our own body as the home for our spirit? How do we train ourselves to focus on internal things rather than external? On the spirit rather than the body? How could a focus on others rather than self assist us in health and happiness?  What is appropriate self-worthiness in relation to the Lord and neighbor?  How do we resist ’un-heavenly’ pressures that threaten the spirit? How do we maintain mental health in face of cultural pressures, life stressors, etc? The course can help you to tap into your developing wisdom, and to apply it to the contemporary pressures of our world.